5 Types of Computer Hardware That You Should Understand

You get a computing experience when you interact with software and hardware. If this seems like jargon, let me explain. Hardware is the physical computer equipment. This includes the CPU, mouse, keyboard, and monitor and others. The computer’s main body is referred to as the system unit. The case of this system unit is home to several essentials elements. This article gives you the five computer hardware that you need to know.

Display screen

Every computer has its unique display screen. Based on your computer type, the screen might be inbuilt or a monitor which is a separate piece that has a power cord. Some of them are touchscreen allowing you to utilize your fingers on the screen to offer input to your machine. 

The quality of the display is calculated in the resolution which is the number of pixels that include the display at its greatest resolution. For instance, a common resolution for a notebook personal computer is 1920 by 1080. 

Hard drive

When you switch off your computer, anything that is its hard drive remains there. Therefore, you do not have to reload software each time switch on the machine, The application and the operating system load from the hard drive into memory and that is where they run. The capacity of the hard drive is calculated in gigabytes. 

A normal hard drive needs to be 500 gigabytes. Many hard drives at the stores these days are the ancient mechanical kind that makes use of hard drive, utilizes a kind of memory leading to a quiet, reliable and fast storage option. Therefore, the hard drive keeps the software.


This is the one that takes charge of the processing of computer data. The CPU changes the output into an input. The CPU’s performance and speed are among the greatest factors that define how good your computer performs. The central processing unit is a petite, slim silicon wafer which is covered in ceramic part and it is installed on a circuit panel. The CPU’s speed is calculated in gigahertz. A CPU with high gigahertz has the fastest speed. 

 optical drive

This is another computer hardware that you need to know. Many of the notebook and desktop computers feature an optical drive. This is a drive which will read DVDs, CDs as well as Blu-ray discs. This kind of drive has its name derived from how data is read and written on the disc. There is a laser beam shining on its cover and a detector that calculates the amount of light that bounces back from a specific area.

Random Access Memory

This is the last hardware on this list but very critical. This one makes the inside memory pool that a machine utilizes to run. A computer with many RAM is likely to have many applications as compared to one with less – read article on how to make your own desktop.


While the hardware is vital for a computer, this does not make it complete. Hardware and software work together to ensure your computer is useful and delivers according to your needs.